Ian Nolan

Ian has three decades of experience in finance, private equity and investment management.

Ian started his career at 3i Group in 1987 becoming Chief Investment Officer in 2009 with responsibility for managing £10 billion of assets across Europe. He has a diverse range of global equity and debt investment experience that includes the infrastructure and alternative energy sectors and was also a member of various of 3i Group's executive and risk management committees, including the Executive Committee, Investment Committee, Risk Committee and Conflicts Committee.
In 2012 he set up the UK Green Investment Bank and was the Chief Investment Officer through 2014. Since inception the bank has mobilised £5 billion into the UK alternative energy sector.

    David Mowat

    David has spent over 13 years working in a number of senior positions within venture capital and private equity.

    Most recently David was one of the founding members of the £480m private equity portfolio manager, Caird Capital, where he had direct responsibility for the investment management and divestment strategy for a portfolio of investments. Prior to Caird, David worked as a senior member of Bank of Scotland’s Integrated Finance Team (BoSIF) and also as an Investment Director with Botts & Company. Through the course of his roles at Caird, BoSIF and Botts, David had direct responsibility for the origination, execution, investment management and/or divestment of 18 mid-market investments. Prior to his work as an investor David spent 5 years as a corporate finance adviser focused on the UK SME market. David is a qualified CA with very strong analytical skills and direct experience of representing investors at numerous investee company Boards. David also has direct executive and non-executive director experience with a portfolio of UK SMEs.

    Andrew Shannon

    Andrew has more than 10 years experience in the finance and investment industry.

    He began his career in the London M&A team at Société Generale. Focusing on the energy, transportation and infrastructure sectors, Andrew built valuable relationships with key industry players across Europe. In addition, Andrew gained valuable experience in the debt markets whilst in New York, where he was part of a leverage finance team working with US based private equity clients financing mid-market deals. In 2010, Andrew left Société Generale to join the leading energy and utilities advisory team at UBS. Whilst there, he provided strategy advice to major UK and European utilities. In 2011 Andrew left UBS to take on a role with Foresight, a leading private equity and venture capital manager focusing on SMEs. Capitalising on his strategic advisory, M&A and financing skills Andrew has successfully led several UK SME deals in a number of sectors, including plastic recycling and solar generation.

    Jamie Butterworth

    Jamie is the former CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global hub for circular economy innovation.

    Jamie has developed a deep understanding of how the circular economy drives value, working with a number of the world’s leading brands to support them in successfully deploying circular business models. Jamie has also been instrumental in developing and launching the Circular Economy 100, a platform for multinationals, SMEs, academic institutions and municipalities to capture the commercial opportunities of the circular economy. Jamie has a proven track-record in building and growing European SMEs both in his role at the Foundation and prior to this at B&G, a leading UK SME and manufacturer of instrumentation and navigation systems. Jamie is a business fellow of Oxford University’s Smith School and has contributed to a number of forums on the circular economy including at the World Economic Forum and the European Commission Resource Efficiency Platform.