Circularity Joins SMEs In Barcelona & London

Over the past two months Circularity Capital has also supported a number of events as part of its mission of delivering value for investors by supporting SME growth and innovation in the circular economy.

On 30th November 2016 Circularity Capital co-hosted 'Invest In The Future - Unleashing The Potential Of Circular Economy' in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. During the course of the event, David Mowat participated in a panel discussion, offering an investor’s perspective on the importance of investing in SME innovation across the circular economy. The event also acted as a showcase for 10 global circular start-ups highlighting the increasing breadth of circular innovation across the SME eco-system.


Circularity Capital has supported the 2016 Circular Economy European Summit in Barcelona on 15-17th November both through its role as a panelist, exploring the specific financial requirements of businesses operating in the circular economy, and through a series of engagements with growth stage SMEs looking to scale up their role in enabling the circular economy. The event focused on the role that cities play as accelerators in the circular economy, given their increased connectivity, high population density and levels of innovation and development.

jamie butterworth