Circularity Capital Supports Development of New Circular Economy Metrics

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation together with Granta Design Limited, as part of the European Life+ program has developed a methodology to measure material circularity – Material Circularity Indicator (MCI). The methodology was launched at the Royal Institution in London with its stakeholder group of academic institutions, NGOs and businesses, including HP, Unilever, Kingfisher and PWC. 

Circularity Capital was one of a number of industry parties to provide input during the development of the methodology and will use MCI, as a measure of relative material decoupling, alongside a suite of additional measures (across the pillars of Natural, Social & Financial Capital) to benchmark and assess the performance of SME investments.

The methodology provides a relative indication of the circularity of a product or company and thus its progress towards a circular economic model. For more information link  

jamie butterworth