Supporting Circular Business Growth & Innovation


Circularity Capital’s mission is to deliver value for investors by supporting SME growth and innovation in the circular economy.

Economic growth has historically been driven by a linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model of production & consumption.

A series of mega-trends is now constraining traditional linear growth and challenging businesses to adopt business models which can enhance resource productivity and drive competitive advantage.

The circular economy provides a framework to transform this challenge into an opportunity by enhancing resource productivity and creating new sources of value.

Our Focus


We Seek Out Businesses That Can Out-Perform The Market And Their Linear Competitors.

We invest in innovative, market leading, businesses that create value from a clearly defined range of circular activities:

  • Waste to Product: Businesses upcycling waste material flows into higher value products & materials.
  • Product to Product: Businesses extending asset life or enabling multiple use cycles through maintenance, repair, refurbishment and/or remanufacture.
  • Product as a Service: Businesses using PaaS or innovative lease/hire models to enhance asset productivity and deliver superior customer solutions.
  • Enabling Data Solutions: Businesses leveraging data to drive resource productivity including through extending asset life, enhancing utilisation, enabling multiple use cycles and reducing waste.
  • Circular Design: Businesses unlocking value through optimising the design of products or materials to enable recycling, refurbishment, maintenance, reuse or biological restoration.

What We Look For


 We look for a number key fundamentals in each opportunity:

  • Clear circular economic value creation potential
  • Strong committed management teams
  • Operating in sectors with good growth fundamentals 
  • A proven revenue model and commercial traction
  • Well defined, executable realisation strategies

Circularity Capital seeks to identify SMEs operating in Europe that require £1m - £5m of equity investment. We have an integrated approach to measuring and reporting ESG factors and use this information to support investee company growth.

If you believe that your business would benefit from the support of Circularity Capital please get in touch.

Why Circularity Capital


We work in close partnership with the teams we support.

We take an active, hands-on approach to investment management:

  • Supporting investee businesses with quick and decisive input on a fully informed basis
  • Fostering strong partnerships and effective working relationships
  • Ensuring that the same team will interact with investee businesses from first engagement throughout the life of each investment
  • Committing to support the development of each business to create value

Our input focusses primarily on four pillars of support:

  • Strategic support and guidance: Using our understanding and experience in the circular economy to support businesses develop and deliver their strategic plans

  • Specialist operational support: Using Circularity Capital's network to access the right operational partners and provide specialist practical support to investee businesses

  • Capability Building: Accessing the world’s leading thinking on the circular economy, approaches to value creation, market trends and business model innovation

  • Business/market development: Connecting businesses with potential customers, strategic partners, market development & value realisation opportunities

If you believe that your business would benefit from the support of Circularity Capital please contact us: